Silver jewellery

All silver jewellery from Skanshage Sweden are made of nickel free 925 silver, called Sterling Silver.

Silver is a soft metal, which can easily scratch when wearing the jewellery. When the jewellery is new the scratches are evident but over time these scratches merge to form a new lustrous finish. Silver jewellery worn regularly develops a wonderful patina, which enhances the beauty of the jewellery.

Silver darkens, oxidizes, in time. Silver reacts with sulphur and it is unavoidable because sulphur is naturally present in the air and in our skin. Perfumes, moisturizers, hair products will hasten the process so it is best to apply those before your jewellery.

Remove your jewellery before showering, swimming, doing the dishes etc. Avoid sleeping with your jewellery on. Polish your jewellery regularly to avoid oxidation. Use a cloth and /or silver dip intended for cleaning silver.

Keep your sterling silver jewellery in the accompanying box when not wearing it.